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Yuletide 2015

October 18th, 2015 (08:07 pm)

Dear author,

Hello! Happy Yuletide season! Thanks for writing for me. <3 Here are some things to hopefully make things easier on you, copied a great deal from last year's note because my tastes don't change much. Take all the following with a grain of salt, because any fic with the fandom/character will make me incredibly happy.

Nifty things: I prefer gen/friendship or non-explicit pairings, love actiony plot- or character-driven work, and have huge sucker buttons for crossovers/AUs, competence, and catharsis. Backstory details, missing scenes and motivations are also amazing. I adore the Work For Your Happy Ending trope and enjoy hurt/comfort, deepening relationships, fluff, snarky banter, and taking crack and turning it into something that makes sense.

For dislikes: I'm not a fan of downer endings, horror, gore, politics, or character death. This won't apply to most requests, but I'm also not interested in incest, sex, or any non-consensual situation. Unless it's story-dependent, I can do without prejudice of any sort. Lastly, not a fan of first or second person POV.

If you want some further sources on what I read and write, I have a fanfiction.net profile and a tumblr — my long-defunct livejournal (dead except for this annual letter) is absurdly out of date and my AO3 page doesn’t have everything.

Again, thanks for undertaking to give me lovely fandom present, and I hope you're just as lucky! For convenience I’m including my prompts below.


Request 1:
Fandom: Magic Kaito
Character(s): Hakuba Saguru
Prompt: Saguru has made so few appearances in the canon, I'd love to see something filling in the between times. Cases? Family? He doesn't want to arrest Kid after all, so stopped chasing? Some other fandom's insanity swept him up, and "studying in England" is a cover story? I love his brilliance and liminal nature, and there's so many secrets he could be hiding behind a smug façade… what could make it crack, who would see, how would they react? Friendship or pairing with Kaito and/or Aoko, or any crossovers, are love.

Request 2:
Fandom: Treasure Planet
Character(s): Captain Amelia
Prompt: If you could give me a story behind Amelia's rise to captainship I would adore you till the ends of time. When did she meet Mr. Arrow? How hard did she have to prove herself? What sort of ships did she captain before Dr. Doppler hired her, and how did he hear of her name? Anything Amelia-centric will make me happy, but I'm a sucker for character motivation exploration.

Request 3:
Fandom: Chrono Trigger
Character(s): Maou|Magus, Schala|Sara
Prompt: Anything between these two would make me happy, whether as children in Zeal or something post-canon of Magus trying to find Schala, or even an introspection of The Prophet's second run through the Zeal timeline. Feel free to use or ignore CT:DS or Chrono Cross canon, and bring in other characters for the ride!