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ocianne [userpic]

Yuletide 2013 -- Dear Yule Goat...

October 7th, 2013 (11:34 pm)
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Dear author,

Hello! Thanks for writing for me. This is my first Yuletide, but here's some things to hopefully make things easier on you, if you want more information than I could manage in the initial prompt.

Nifty things: I prefer gen/friendship or non-explicit pairings, love actiony plot- or character-driven work, and have huge sucker buttons for crossovers/AUs, competence, and catharsis. Backstory details, missing scenes and motivations are also amazing. I adore the Work For Your Happy Ending trope and enjoy hurt/comfort, deepening relationships, fluff, snarky banter, and taking crack and turning it into something that makes sense.

For dislikes: I'm not a fan of downer endings, horror, gore, politics, or character death. This won't apply to most requests, but I'm also not interested in incest, sex, or any non-consensual situation. Also, unless it's story-dependent, I can do without prejudice of any sort.

If you want some further sources on what I read and write, I have a fanfiction.net profile — my long-defunct livejournal has nothing unique, my AO3 page is only a fraction of my work, and I don't have a tumblr.

Again, thanks for undertaking to give me lovely fandom present, and I hope you're just as lucky!


ETA: And for convenience, my prompts.

Magic Kaito
Character(s): Saguru Hakuba
Saguru has made so few appearances in the canon, I'd love to see something filling in the between times. Cases? Family? He doesn't want to arrest Kid after all, so stopped chasing? Some other fandom's insanity swept him up, and "studying in England" is a cover story? I love his brilliance and liminal nature, and there's so many secrets he could be hiding behind a smug façade… Friendship or pairing with Kaito, Aoko, Akako, or any crossovers are love.

Final Fantasy VI
Character(s): Edgar Figaro and Locke
Friendship interaction of any sort. Maybe their first meeting? Did one recruit the other into the Retuners? Did Locke know Sabin, to commiserate with Edgar about missing him? Did Edgar ever confide the woes of kingship? Did Locke ever steal Edgar away from the most boring policy meeting on the planet? Or after the game ends, does Lock ever visit Figaro to reminisce or shoot the breeze or maybe pull of the king-heist? Any additional characters that wander into the story are welcome.

Bourne Legacy
Character(s): Aaron Cross
Backstory fic that explores the process of Ken becoming Aaron, or maybe Aaron and Marta making new identities after the movie ends? I like gen or the Marta/Aaron pairing, nothing explicit.

Tales of Vesparia
Characters: Any
Post-game shenanigans, backstory, missing scenes, take your pick. I like just about anything that's introspective, vaguely plotful, or character-motivation-exploring. Flynn and Yuri have a great friendly rivalry, and I'm a sucker for the rules-based, sweet and earnest but stuck with an awful commander situation that Flynn gets stuck in. My first preference would be to see pretty much anything with Flynn and Yuri, but Estelle and Raven are great too, and I ship Yuri/Estelle.


Posted by: Waywren Truesong (wren_chan)
Posted at: October 8th, 2013 09:10 am (UTC)

Forgot to mention when you showed me, but you and your writer may find it helpful for you to put a copy of your prompts in this. I found it much easier to go look at my giftee's letter than to try and find my assignment off AO3 or my email.

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